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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New Phone

After a year of attempting to go completely wireless with our phone service, Mary and I threw in the towel yesterday and acquired a new phone, with service from Vonage. Reception has been too poor at our house to rely solely on wireless phone service. But, I could not bring myself to get a traditional land line. So, we went with Vonage. For those of you in far off lands who may not have seen Vonage's "Woo Hoo" commericials, Vonage in a large voice-over-internet phone service provider. So far, we are quite pleased with the service.

Like everything else in life for Mary and me, a new phone brings to mind books. In this case, I thought of John Steele Gordon's A Thread Across the Ocean (2002). Of course, as with most things literary, Mary blogged this first. Nonetheless, this book, which tells the epic story of the laying of the first transatlantic cable is worth mentioning again. Our current ability to communicate worldwide instantly is a marvel. This book tells one of the many intriguing stories showing how we got to our current system of communications. John Steele Gordon's books make business and economic history come alive. They are among my favorites.


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