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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me and Jim Blandings, Part III

Water, water, everywhere, but -- it's supposed to stay in the pipes. When you have an 83-year-old house and take a jackhammer to the concrete floor in the basement, what you find underneath is probably not going to be a pretty sight. In our case, indeed it wasn't. Any sentence that you hear that starts out "You're going to need to replumb . . . " is not going to be good news. Alas, we (we, again, meaning Jason -- see Part II), found a leaky pipe under the floor. If you look closely at the picture, the small red blotch is an old coffee can that we were using to catch the run-off, until Jason managed to stanch the flow with some duct tape. Seeing these "pipes" (if you can call the remaining cylinders of rust "pipes"), it's amazing that they still hold water at all.

So, tomorrow the plumber will be here to tell us what it will cost to ensure that we continue to have running water in the coming decades. Fortunately, the modifications to the remodeling plan have saved us some money that can now go towards the extra plumbing work. The adventure continues and the excavated dirt and concrete continue to pile up. Actually, the concrete has been mostly removed. Presumably, the dirt will again take its place under the floor, albeit with less water accompanying it.

And, for the time being at least, things are going well with the patio. More on that another time.


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