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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me and Jim Blandings, Part IV

The remodeling continues apace, which has somewhat slowed the pace of reading at Mary's Library. Mary had a headache and general malaise for a couple of days, apparently the result of renovation overload. She is doing better now. So is the house.

The jumble of pipes that previously dwelt, somewhat like the phantom of the opera, in and beneath our basement, now for the most part lies in a pile along side our garage waiting to be hauled away, presumably to a corrosion recycler. Now, we have some beautiful new pipes elegantly adorning the basement. The bright colors of these new plastic pipes do tend to cheer one up and momentarily distract one from obsessing upon the cost of the entire endeavor. Tomorrow, concrete is to be poured to replace the rather large chunk of flooring that was jackhammered out and spirited away.

Of course, getting to this relatively happy stage of development was not all exactly beer and skittles. On Monday and Wednesday, we had the water to the house shut off for extended periods of time while plumbing work was being done. And, the past two nights we have had to turn off the water to the house overnight, upon the advice of plumber, because the rotting old pipes, which had not yet been superseded, had been stressed during renovation and the bursting thereof was not an altogether remote possibility. But, it appears that the major plumbing inconveniences are now behind us. Tomorrow, Mary and I will be off to select fixtures for the new bathroom.

Next week, the landscaper is scheduled to show up and install the brick patio behind the house. This will replace, you may recall, the hideous deck, with metal awning, that had previously been a blot upon the premises. In the meantime, the intrepid Jason has been doing some repair work on the back of the house in the spots where the awning and deck were ripped away.

We are now three weeks into the project and are bloodied but unbowed. No, wait, we are actually bowed but unbloodied.


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