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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Lion's Pride

As noted in my comment on my Veterans' Day post, the photo in that post is of the American Military Cemetery in Normandy, where two of Theodore Roosevelt's sons are buried. A very fine book on TR and family in war and peace is The Lion's Pride (1998) by Edward J. Renehan.

TR unsuccessfully lobbied President Wilson for permission to form a division and to lead it in France, as he did with the Rough Riders (First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment) during the Spanish-American War. The plan was unrealistic and, in any event, was likely doomed by the animosity between Roosevelt and Wilson caused by TR's ardent opposition to Wilson's neutrality policy before 1917. Nonetheless, TR took great pride in the military service of all four of his sons during WWI. In fact, TR's daughter Edith was the first of the family to arrive in France during WWI when she traveled there to serve as a nurse. Quentin, an aviator, was killed in action during WWI at the age of 20. Ted, Jr., died of a heart attack in France during World War II. This book sets out the remarkable story of a family's heroic service.


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