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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me and Jim Blandings, Part V

Yes, progress actually is being made on the great renovation project of 2006. With the ghastly deck and metal awning removed from the back of the house, we were able to put in a brick patio that is vastly more in keeping with the character of the house. We had planned to use as many of the bricks as possible from the original patio in the construction of the new patio. The theory was that the old bricks could be intermingled with new bricks in an attractive pattern. Alas, the old bricks were handmade and not of exactly uniform size. Using them in conjunction with new bricks just would not have worked. So, the old bricks were taken up and a new patio installed. We are keeping the old bricks. We will consult with our landscaper as to how we can incorporate the old bricks into the yard -- perhaps to construct a walkway.

And, the contuining adventures of the new downstairs bath go on, along with a side trip to do some repair work on the bath that is on the main floor. It turns out that all was not well with the toilet in the main bath. This became obvious once the downstairs bath had been ripped out and wetness was discovered where dryness would have been much preferable. It turns out that the culprit was a broken wax ring caused by the improper installation (why am I not surprised?) of the toilet in the main bath some years ago. Fortunately, that could be repaired relatively quickly and easily by the plumber. While that repair was going on, however, there were exactly zero operational toilets in the house. Of course, since the main water valve was turned off, the toilets would not have worked anyway (at least not more than once). (This is getting to be a bit more indelicate than the usual post on Mary's Library. But, we have had to live with it, so buckle down and be willing to read about it at least.) This whole episode did give Mary the opportunity, when the gang at the yarn shop asked how things were going with the remodeling, to deliver the priceless line "when I got home from my walk, my toilet was in the bath tub." Fortunately, we have first rate plumbers who are doing everything right and doing it quickly.

In the meantime, Jason poured a new cement floor for the downstairs bath and has framed in the room. It's actually beginning to look like something. The plumbing has been roughed in and the electricians will be here this week to work on the wiring. Then, the shower, toilet, and sink will be installed, the plumbing finish-work done, the wall board put in, the tile laid, everything painted, and, voila, we will be ready to receive guests.


At 8:19 AM PST , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

It makes me tired reading about all this work! But once it's done it will be just the best feeling. We've never embarked on anything quite this ambitious. Our projects are more redecorating than remodelling, but of course we all have those little "I wish" remodelling ideas we dream of doing. I would love a sun porch, or "Florida room" behind the house as we don't have trees near the back and thus have too much sun for my liking. I can keep dreaming.


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