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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Books - 5

Due to technical difficulties with uploading pictures to Blogger, Mary's Library has been running a little behind schedule this week. Nonetheless, here is a fifth book on our WWI/WWII topic for November: Fix Bayonets! (1926), John W. Thomason's account of his experiences as a United States Marine on the Western Front during World War I. The book is illustrated with the author's own sketches. This is a rousing read and will give you some idea why one historian (I forget who, I read this statement decades ago) expressed the opinion that notwithstanding all the horrific battles in the Pacific during World War II, the greatest battle ever fought by U.S. Marines was Belleau Wood during World War I. That conclusion certainly can be debated, but it is by no means unreasonable. And, you will see why, in the trenches of France in 1918, the United States Marines acquired from their German adversaries the nickname Devil Dogs.


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