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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Fox

This morning Wilhelm and I went to the Fox Theater with the Spokane Preservation Advocates. The Fox was built in 1931, and it's being restored, a project that will take about 2 years and $22 million. When it reopens it will be the home of the Spokane Symphony.

We were there to "fold the curtain." Ok, it’s a big curtain, but 20 people? Turns out that, like so much other colorful theater terminology (legs and lifts, wings and wagons), there's a little more to it. “Curtain,” encompasses about 12 curtains, each about the size of the footprint of my house. They are heavy velveteen and fully lined. Oh, and did I mention the chains sewn into the hems?

For more info on the Fox Theater, go here:
For more info on the Spokane Symphony, go here:
For more info on the Spokane Preservation Advocates, go here:

For a book on theater skills and terminology, see The Stagecraft Handbook (©1996), by Daniel A Ionazzi.


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