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Friday, April 08, 2011


Dick Morris is going on about how Republicans (and moderates) who voted for the conservative Republicans who now control the house will be outraged if the their new representatives vote for less than $61 billion in cuts, if they compromise with the administration in order to avoid a government shutdown. He's wrong. The people who made an effort to get out there and vote are going to divide into two groups. The much smaller group will be irate and work to find another Republican to replace the congressman who doesn't take seriously the public insistence on cutting the budget and the deficit. But most people will shrug cynically and mumble apathetically about politicians being all alike, crooks all of them, and either not vote or perhaps vote for the Democrat. In a climate where the unions are in full crusader mode over Wisconsin this will be disastrous for the Republicans. The unions will do what they are best at doing, organize, and we will have another of those landslide elections where the house changes hands in a dramatic fashion. When will politicians listen to the people who elected them and do what they promised in their campaigns?


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