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Friday, May 05, 2006

We've Got Geek

In Virginia we appealed to Geeks on Call to repair our flat tires on the Internet highway. Our Geek was Nathaniel, a lad who once answered our call barefoot and whose jeans (he always wore jeans) dragged the floor and were ragged in the extreme. I think Geeks on Call requires their people to meet customer expectations in this regard.

But Nathaniel fit the geek stereotype in skills as well as sartorially. You break it; he’ll fix it. You got a computer problem? No, you don’t. We offered to adopt him and bring him to Spokane with us, but for some reason he prefers the family he already has.

If you live in Northern Virginia and are having computer troubles, phone Geeks on Call and ask for Nathaniel.

Here in Spokane our Geek is Scott, from Got Geek? Scott, pictured above working on my laptop in my Library, is sadly lacking in geekiness. He dresses neatly and cuts his hair more often than Wilhelm. He has fine social skills and a sense of humor.

His help has been invaluable in recent months, setting up our network, repairing problems with Windows, and replacing my keyboard. (I wore out half a dozen letters and flipped the top off the Enter key.) Until Scott rescued me I had to stop typing and press the little knob with my index finger every time I needed to hit Enter.

And today Scott has made me very happy by strengthening our network signal so that I can use my laptop in my Library. Until now these blog postings have been coming to you from the living room, which just didn’t seem right.

So if you live in Spokane and are having computer troubles, call Got Geek? and ask for Scott.


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