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Sunday, July 02, 2006


We were in the grocery store yesterday and there they were – boxes of Crayola crayons with 64 colors. Wilhelm was looking at light bulbs – we use those curled ones that are energy saving and don’t burn out as quickly, but they hide them in the light bulb display so it was taking a while.

Anyhow, from the other side of the aisle those crayons were singing to me. In Greek. I think Wilhelm had earplugs because he didn’t hear a thing. I told him I was going to cut them up to add extra color to salads (they are edible, you know), but he didn’t buy that. He did buy the crayons.

As Miss Woodhouse and I were admiring them later he said, offhandedly, “Now I suppose you’ll want the bigger box.” Bigger Box! A box with more than 64 colors?

I was on the Internet in a flash and there on the Crayola site was a box with 120 colors. It will be here within 5 business days.


At 8:58 AM PDT , Anonymous Wilhelm said...

OK. So, now how about some recommendations for coloring books?

At 2:06 PM PDT , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

The smells of both Crayola Crayons and Play Doh are two things that send me back to the days of pigtails very quickly. I hear there's actually Play Doh perfume out now, so I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who feels this way! Can Crayola perfume be far behind? How about mimeo perfume, to really date myself..

At 5:56 PM PDT , Blogger Mary said...

A trip to Barnes and Nobel yesterday took cake of the coloring book problem. Art Deco Patterns and Abstract Patterns. md


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