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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Too Many Books?

Do you find the temptation to begin reading yet another book irresistible, even though you're reading 25 or 30 of them already? Join the club.

There's a charming essay in today's NY Times by Joe Queenan in which he addresses this very probem. If it really is a problem.

Says Queenan: "Starting books always makes me feel that a long-awaited voyage has already begun; that while it may take five years to finish Boswell’s Life of Johnson or Remembrance of Things Past, these are no longer dimly envisioned projects like learning to play the accordion or fly a helicopter, but in some way a real part of my life. Other people say, 'One of these days, I’m finally going to get to Ulysses.' Well, I’ve already gotten to Ulysses. I’ve been getting to Ulysses for the past 25 years."

"Why I Can't Stop Starting Books" made me laugh. Check it out.


At 2:15 PM PDT , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

I love it! Needless to say, I can also identify with the subject matter. Haven't counted up all my starts lately, I guess because there's a sense of shame associated with the number I imagine I'd have. The shame comes partly from a feeling I should be able to finish everything, and partly from all those dismissive ONE BOOK AT A TIME readers who think me a complete glutton. Mental note: avoid ONE BOOK AT A TIME readers.

At 5:09 AM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read Too Many Books yesterday after going to the library for one book and coming home with four. Of course, there are three more on the bedside table, one on my comfortable chair... Nice to know this is somewhat normal behavior for readers. S


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