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Monday, September 04, 2006

Katie Fforde

I was rearranging some of my books today and came across my Katie Fforde novels.

Fforde is an English writer whose airily charming books have given me many hours of pleasure. At Fantastic Fiction

they tell us that “Katie Fforde lives in Gloucestershire with her husband and some of her three children. Her hobbies are ironing and housework but, unfortunately, she has almost no time for them as she feels it is her duty to keep a close eye on the afternoon chat shows.”

My favorite of her books is Stately Pursuits (1997), in which a young woman, dumped by her boyfriend and out of a job, agrees to house-sit a stately home and pulls the entire town together to save the house.

Jasper Fforde tells me he is her nephew. With a name like Fforde they had to be related. How many Fforde families can there be?


At 1:18 AM PDT , Blogger dovegreyreader said...

And Jane Gordon-Cummings who writes for Transita is her sister, you'd be unlikely to make that connection from the names!


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