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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Afternoon at the Lake

Some friends invited us to spend this afternoon at their lake place about 50 miles north of Spokane. What a peaceful and restorative place a mountain lake can be on a summer afternoon.

We watched the setting sun light the tops of the clouds, which were reflected in the darkening lake. The trout were jumping for bugs, and the cormorant and the grebe and the kingfisher were diving for the trout.

The red-breasted nuthatches were vying with a chipmunk at the bird feeder and the mosquitoes were non-existent.



At 5:48 AM PDT , Blogger Wilhelm said...

And, what helped make it perfect was that it is a no-motors lake. No motor boats, no jetskis. Just canoes and blessed peace.

At 9:35 AM PDT , Blogger Les said...

This sounds absolutely heavenly! It's been years (almost 30) since I spent a lovely week on a lake north of Spokane. I think it was called Lake Roosevelt, but I'm not sure.

BTW, very nice blog. I can't recall how I stumbled upon it, but it's been a joy to read your reviews.

At 10:13 AM PDT , Blogger Mary said...

You're right, les, a lake in summer is heavenly (if you leave out the mosquitoes, of course.)

Thank you for your kind words about my blog.



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