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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A new book has arrived, John McPhee’s Uncommon Carriers (2006.) I’ve been a McPhee fan since I read Encounters with the Archdruid in the New Yorker back in about 1971. If John McPhee wants to write it I want to read it. That includes the collection of geological books, Annals of the Former World.

Uncommon Carriers, like so many, perhaps all, of McPhee’s works was published originally in the New Yorker magazine, where I first read about the Mississippi pilots and truck drivers who are described in this latest McPhee book.

I’d recommend almost any of McPhee’s works, but I especially like Oranges, La Place de la Concord Suisse, A Sense of Where You Are, and A Roomful of Hovings. Most of his books are still in print.


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