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Monday, March 20, 2006

What I'm Reading

THE NEW ANNOTATED SHERLOCK HOLMES: Volume 1 (2005), by Leslie S Klinger. I started this last night after watching Jeremy Brett do his magic in the latest BBC interpretation of the great detective.

THE PUBLIC CULTURE OF THE VICTORIAN MIDDLE CLASS: Ritual and Authority and the English Industrial City, 1840-1914 (2000), by Simon Gunn. Academic and slow going, but interesting.

THE DOCTOR’S FAMILY (1863), by Mrs Oliphant. I looked it up – her first name is Margaret. My Not-Trollope group is reading MISS MARJORIBANKS (1866) so I decided to read the whole six-book series, starting with THE RECTOR (1863), which I finish a couple of days ago.

BLEAK HOUSE (1852), by Charles Dickens. I’m still reading this and still enjoying it immensely (which is about right since it’s an immense book.)

THE WAY WE LIVE NOW (1875), by Anthony Trollope.

AN EYE FOR AN EYE (1879), by Anthony Trollope. This is my Trollope group’s next book. We begin discussion on Friday.

FULL DARK HOUSE (2003), by Christopher Fowler. This is the first in a series of mysteries that take place in WW II London. It’s superb and I’m reading it just a few pages a day to make it last.

I'm living in the past; I'm reading about nothing that takes place after 1943.


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