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Monday, July 03, 2006

My leabhar lion

A recent post by my pal, dovegreyreader, elicited the following comment from her daughter in Glasgow, who has coined a word for “blog” in Gaelic:

To be honest, Gaelic is not a language which lends itself to new-fangled, technologically-useful words. But here goes.

Blog: Leabhar-latha eadar-lion (lit. trans. 'internet diary'). Phonetically: 'law-er laa ed-er leen'. Cumbersome in the extreme.

Thinking about it, I am going to create my own word. Combining the two words gives 'leabhar lion' ('law-er leen' trans. 'net book') That's better. I like it. ….



That’s it. “Blog” is history. From now on I post to my leabhar lion.


At 9:41 AM PDT , Blogger dovegreyreader said...

The credit must go to Rhodi, friend of my daughter. Rhodi is a true Celt, I've just bred a would be one who has defected north of the border.
But it does sound so much better Mary, blog must be the very worst word in the English language.


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