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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Elliott Bay Books

When I was in Elliott Bay Books the other day I bought a couple of novels. One is THE FOREST LOVER (2004), by Susan Vreeland, which is about the Canadian painter Emily Carr. Forget Georgia O’Keefe. Forget Frida Kahlo. Carr is the great female painter of the 20th century. Her best work was done along the coast of BC. You can see some of her paintings and drawings if you go here:

Vreeland is the author of THE GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE (1999), a book I enjoyed even more than Tracy Chevalier’s similar but better known GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING (2002.) Vreeland’s other major novel is THE PASSION OF ARTEMISIA (2002), which is about the difficulties of a woman painter during the Italian Renaissance.

The other book I bought Tuesday is Evelyn Waugh’s DECLINE AND FALL (1928.) I’ve read only the first three chapters, but so far it’s as amusing a novel as I’ve ever read.


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