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Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Valentine

I opened my valentine present today. Wilhelm knows how hard it is for me to wait to open packages so he gave me the ok this morning. It was a book. Books are among my Big Five when it comes to Valentine presents: Jewelry, Flowers, Books, Candy, and Perfume, roughly in that order.

The book is THE NEW BUNGALOW (2001), by Matthew Bialecki. It contains a brief history of the bungalow, describes Arts and Crafts architecture, suggests ways to renovate or build new in the bungalow style, and gives a lengthy list of resources. It has an illustration on every page – a few line drawings, some reproductions of old postcards, and lots of excellent photos. It’s a worthy addition to my arts and crafts/bungalow collection. The best are the Powell and Todd books.

AMERICAN BUNGALOW STYLE (1996), by Robert Winter

ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN LIBRARY: Arts and Crafts (2000), by Kitty Turgeon

ARTS AND CRAFTS COMPANION (2004), by Pamela Todd

ARTS AND CRAFTS STYLE AND SPIRIT: Craftspeople of the Revival (1999), by Chase Reynolds Ewald

ARTS AND CRAFTS TEXTILES: The Movement in America (1999), by Ann Wallace

BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY: Decorating with Arts and Crafts (1996), by Bruce Smith

BUNGALOW: The Ultimate Arts and Crafts Home (2004), by Jane Powell

BUNGALOW NATION (2003), by Diane Maddex

BUNGALOW STYLE: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home (2005), by Treena Crochet

GREENE AND GREENE: Masterworks (1998), by Bruce Smith

INSIDE THE BUNGALOW: America’s Arts and Crafts Interior (1997), by Paul Duchscherer

LIVING IN THE ARTS AND CRAFTS STYLE: A Home Decorating Workbook (2001), by Charlotte Kelley

OUTSIDE THE BUNGALOW: America’s Arts and Crafts Garden (1999), by Paul Duchscherer.

This list doesn’t include biographies, books about artists and craftspeople, the writings of John Ruskin and other theorists, and my William Morris needlepoint books. I’ll talk about those another day.


At 9:27 AM PST , Blogger Meggie said...

Fabulous books! I'm an absolute arts and crafts fanatic, so I can absolutely relate to how marvellous it would be to get one for Valentines! I'm a nut for anything William Morris as well. His designs just transform a home. Growing up, our house was filled with Arts and Crafts inspired decor, and now that I'm decorating a house of my own, I find that my taste is incredibly similar to my mum's. Anyway, great reading list you've compiled! Cheers!


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