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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lenten Reading 2006

Yesterday I mentioned fetching a book from Box 101. That book was PAGANS AND CHRISTIANS (1986) by Robin Lane Fox. I wanted Fox’ book because I am deciding what my Lenten reading will be this year and that book is a candidate. I bought it when it was new and for years after I read it during Lent. I never did get all the way through. I customarily leave my bookmark behind when I abandon a book, so I have a record of those four valiant attempts.

The book has 681 pages of text. In 1987 I read as far as page 215; in 1988 page 200; in 1989 page 572 (so close!); and in 1990 page 126. Maybe I should try again in 2006. Maybe this could be the year I make it to the end. Maybe I should be realistic and forget about it.

The other major Lenten contender this year is CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE: The Path to Spiritual Growth (1978), by Richard J Foster. (It’s in Box 110.) I read it in 1985. Perhaps it’s time to read it again.

Or perhaps I should read something new. Any suggestions anybody?


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