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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What I'm Knitting

I'm taking a course from Lena at A Grand Yarn, learning how to use a steek in a traditional Scandinavian-style sweater. Here's a photo of my sweater. A week from Thursday I'm going to take a pair of scissors and cut the sweater right up the front. Stay tuned.


At 4:16 AM PST , Blogger wormy said...

Dear Mary, Dovegrey reader gave me your blog spot because I liked your comment on her blog. This is a response to all your blogs from 18.03. They are wonderful. I knit too and wish I could do a course. It sounds as if the moment of cutting will be one of great suspense not to mention taking on trust that things don't unravel sideways.The fairisle on the neck is really pretty.
Then we come to your reading list and there is one there by Johnson I haven't seen reviewed so I'll try for that at my library. I like his books and have Intellectuals, History of The Jews and another on upstairs and I can't remember its title. Go and look you say. Had a wonderful day yesterday at Brighton on the coast but today the arthritis in my feet, legs and hands is dire so I'm using the stairs as little as poss.
My blog is but I'm such a slow typist there isn't much there as yet.So happy to meet you Daphne

At 5:41 AM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be brave. Do it once, you'll be so confident the next time. Your colors are beautiful!

At 9:30 AM PST , Blogger Meggie said...

The sweater looks lovely! I wish I had more time for that sort of thing! I think I'm going to take up crochet first, though. Love your blog!

At 11:20 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sweater looks beautiful! Mother is encouraging me to be brave with my knitting as well, but I must confess I quail at the though of cutting what I've done. So she undertakes it for me. Hooray for mothers. :) AP


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