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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Din in the Head

I’m a fan of Cynthia Ozick, who has a new book out, The Din in the Head: Essays. Here’s a quote from the book, which is available from Barnes and Noble:

"A department of English is not the same as a Marxist tutorial. A rap CD is not the same as academic scholarship. A suicide bomber who blows up a pizzeria crowded with baby carriages is not the same as a nation-builder."


At 12:24 PM PDT , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

I've read her _The Puttermesser Papers_ which were so far "out there" (that is, out of my usual realm of reading) but the book impressed me so much I went on to read some of her critical/general non-fiction writing. _Heir to the Glimmering World_ is firmly in place on my TBR mountain, and I actually have a signed first edition of that, of which I'm inordinately proud. Definitely an astonishingly talented writer I'd like to read more by.


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