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Friday, March 31, 2006

Up where the river is narrow

There are some books you just know you’re gonna love, right from the first paragraph. Here’s a novel with a narrative voice that draws you right into the story.

“Oh, it would be years ago now, but at one time a minister lived with his small daughter in a town up north near the Sabbanock River, up where the river is narrow and the winters used to be especially long. The minister’s name was Tyler Caskey, and for quite some while his story was told in towns up and down the river, and as far over as the coast, until it emerged with enough variations so as to lose its original punch, and just the passing of time, of course, will effect the vigor of these things. But there are a few people still living in the town of West Annett who are said to remember quite clearly the events that took place during the wintry, final months of 1959. And if you inquire with enough patience and restraint of curiosity, you can probably get them to tell you what it is they claim to know, although its accuracy might be something you’d have to sort out on your own.”

I’m having difficulty restraining my curiosity. The book is ABIDE WITH ME (2006) by Elizabeth Strout.


At 2:11 AM PDT , Blogger dovegreyreader said...

What a teaser,This is enough to have me dashing around to find this book Mary, thank you.


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