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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Enthusiast

I’m reading a book that came from the library today called ENTHUSIASM (2006), written by Polly Shulman who is the daughter of Alix Kates Shulman, author of MEMOIRS OF AN EX-PROM QUEEN (1972.)

ENTHUSIASM is what they call in the library game Young Adult Fiction. It’s expected to appeal to females aged 11 and up. I’m in the “and up” category. It appeals to me.

It’s the story of Julie and Ashleigh, high school sophomores and Jane Austen fans, who seem to fall for the same Mr Darcy-like boy and struggle to hide their true feelings from one another while rehearsing for a school musical.

Ashleigh, who is prone to Enthusiasms, is now in an Austen phase and wearing vintage clothing. From the cover:

“’Listen, Ash,’ I said. ‘You’re not planning to go to school wearing that, are you? No guy will even look at you.’ Me neither if they see me with you, I added inwardly. ‘Couldn’t you please, please, please wear jeans?’

“As always, my plea fell on deaf ears.

“‘I see not the necessity of discussing with you, Miss Lefkowitz, the propriety of a young lady wearing Trousers. As you know, modesty forbids us to reveal the shape of the Lower Limbs.’

“‘If you do get a boyfriend, he’s going to want to see a lot more than just the shape of your Lower Limbs,’ I argued silently.”


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