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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Visit to the Dentist

I was in the dental chair for an hour and a half today and by the time they were finished with me I had an important migraine. I always reward myself when I get back from the dentist, and today’s reward was to take Cataflam and Cafergot and to lie down in a cool, dark room.

It should also have been a quiet room, but the cat felt the need at about that time to prowl the house meowing at the top of her little lungs. After dozing off six times and being wakened by her plaintive yowls six times I had used up my dozes and was wide awake.

That’s when the incident of the 60% cocoa Ghirardelli chocolate squares occurred. The less said about that the better.

An exceptionally good book about migraine, now somewhat dated but still worth reading (as are all his books) is Oliver Sacks’ MIGRAINE (1970.)

An interesting book about the interpretation of cat behavior is Myrna M Milani’s THE BODY LANGUAGE AND EMOTION OF CATS (1987.)

The web site for Ghirardelli is here:


At 9:01 AM PDT , Blogger dovegreyreader said...

Sympathies Mary! We have cats like this, they just have nagging down to purrfection.Chocolate seems like a sensible homeopathic treatment for migraine, treating like with like and all that.
No news of the dress? I felt sure there was one there made just for your particular requirements.


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