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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer Reading

I’ve been reading The Oprah Magazine’s summer reading issue.

It’s full of book recommendations and there’s a tie-in with offering you a 10% discount on 20 of the books reviewed. There’s a letter from Harper Lee about reading as a child. There are articles about the beginnings of novels, clever bookshelves, how to read a hard book (War and Peace, The Remembrance of Things Past, Moby Dick, and The Man Without Qualities), and reading as an art (by Toni Morrison.)

And then there are the suggestions for summer reading. Here are some of the titles (with a discount if you buy them at amazon):

Talk Talk by T C Boyle
Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali
Heat by Bill Buford
The Portable Dorothy Parker
I Feel Bad About My Neck
by Nora Ephron
The Devil and Miss Pym by Paul Coelho

Oh, and there are four bookmarks.


At 11:26 AM PDT , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

I picked up the Oprah summer reading issue, too, thrilled to see "reading issue" on the cover of any periodical. Still haven't read through it all, but will say the article on what men think of breast implants left me entirely cold! Do I care what men think of this?! Did like the flash fiction, though, and I will read more of the articles soon.


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