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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Old Friends Visit Spokane

Sarah and Tely arrive this afternoon. We haven’t seen them since we left Virginia in August and we’re excited.

We have lots of plans. We’ll walk in Manito Park and River Front Park and look at the falls, which are at their very best at the moment.

(To see some photos of them look here. The falls are at the bottom of the page.)

We’ll have dinner at the Steam Plant and then dessert in the lobby of the Davenport. Wilhelm’s folks used to go there in the early 1940s, so it’s a family tradition.

We’ll visit to Auntie’s, of course, and have lunch at Northern Lights Brew Pub. And we’ll sit around in our old bungalow and talk and laugh and eat Tillamook ice cream, which is the second best ice cream in the world and is inexplicably unavailable on the east coast.

Two books about Spokane and its history by Tony and Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte:

MANITO PARK: A Reflection of Spokane’s Past (1998, 2004)



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