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Monday, July 17, 2006

One Sunday Morning

Amy Ephron, as with many others in her talented family, has The Knack. She can takes something as simple as a glimpse of two people leaving a hotel on a Sunday afternoon and create an entire world.

She has done this with her latest novel, One Sunday Morning, which begins one day in 1920 with four ladies, gathered for their monthly bridge game, looking idly out the window. They see a friend and the fiancé of another woman leaving the Gramercy Park Hotel.

They vow not to tell a soul, but it isn’t long before their set is whispering about the woman, who is forced to flee the city or become an outcast.

Ephron wrote a previous novel, set in 1917, called A Cup of Tea, that has become one of my favorites. A woman asks a stranger home for a cup of tea and the lives of both of them change in unimaginable ways.

Both books are available at Barnes and Noble.


At 6:37 AM PDT , Anonymous Ex Libris said...

These sound really good, Mary. Thanks for the recommend! Sharon

At 4:01 PM PDT , Blogger Lisa Guidarini said...

I haven't read any Amy Ephron, nor have I even heard of her. Another to add to the list!


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