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Saturday, July 08, 2006

not trollope

"If you want to read about the vagaries of the human heart, or the fleeting nature of love or time, read Goethe's lyrics; but if you want to know about the unreliable nature of narrative in a time of landlords, read Maria Edgeworth."
--Introduction to The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction

This quote was posted today by Fay in my not-trollope group, which is currently reading Maria Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent (1800)


At 5:43 PM PDT , Anonymous Sharon said...

I'm hoping to get to Amelie very soon! The book I got from the library, The Book of Proper Names, is very short, a little over 100 pages, so I'm hoping to sqeeze it in here in the very near future. She is a new author for me, and it sounds as if she writes a little on the dark side. If so, then I'm sure I will like her!

At 3:15 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, how kind of you to mention the not_trollope group. Now if only I had read Goethe's lyrics!

I have been out of blog land for the last week and missed your comment. It would be a good idea to find out something more about blog etiquette. How long is too long to wait to post a comment? Have I passed the due date? Fay

At 4:13 PM PDT , Blogger Mary said...

It's never too late to comment, Fay, though you risk nobody reading your words except the blogger if you tarry until the original post has left the first page. md


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